You can write with the digital pen in the same way as a normal ballpoint pen.

Compare digital pen

Our digital pen is equipped with a practical   lanyard and can be worn conveniently around your neck.

A leather case with a belt clip is also supplied.

The digital pen

When writing, there is almost no difference between our digital pen and a normal ballpoint pen. You write your work, management or hourly reports on a paper form as before. The integrated sensor in the pen stores your handwriting in the digital pen’s memory.

The data entered is transferred to the smartphone/mobile via Bluetooth and then on to the sertal server via the Internet (or the docking station on your PC).

Using the web application sertal-vision, you can access your forms at any time with an Internet connection. This tool enables you to edit your data (visualise, correct and approve).

sertal-interface then exports all the data to your ERP system or the industry solution you use.