We are specialized to gather data

Can be used in any industry sector

Our product knows almost no boundaries. We do business with the construction and sub-construction industries, healthcare, services and the food industry. We’ll be happy to work out a specific solution for you whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise.

We safeguard your data format transfer

Any number of documents (such as daily, weekly and work reports, as well as delivery notes and driving licenses, and notes) are still used in paper form, even in this day and age – either for practical or economic reasons. However, there is a substantial risk that the documents will either not be submitted at all or too late. Once the document has arrived at its destination, it is passed through the various departments for the purpose of the required endorsements and must then be maintained manually in the ERP system.


The communication server

The communication server is at the centre of the solution. This server establishes the connection between the back office, the ERP system, the master data and the employees. Our web application and our hosting are all based on the contemporary method “Software as a Service”, or SaaS.

Digital pen on the grid form

Each form is designed with a unique grid and is thus one of a kind – it is thus easily and clearly identifiable. The integrated memory in the digital pen records the handwritten text simultaneously. The data entered is transferred to your own web account via your smartphone/mobile (or the docking station on your PC). The digitised data provides you with both the file and a PDF in real time.

App for tablets and smartphones

Using our interactive forms on tablets and smartphones, you can access countless options for collecting your data. Thanks to the online connection from your device to the back office, you have access to current orders at all times. The search fields, selection lists and filters simplify your daily work many times over.

sertal web application

Using our web solution sertal-vision, you can visualise, correct and approve all the data you have entered. Each of our web solutions functions together with the application sertal-intelligence. This enables you to evaluate and sort standardised reports with little effort – for example, by forms or by text fields.