You can enter all your data in digital form using our products

We develop customer-specific app saolutions for tablets and/or smartphones. These are continuously connected with the back office. Employees receive their orders directly on their app, which support and simplify completion of forms on-site using search fields, selection lists, filters, etc.

Let your ERP system do the work by generating orders directly – whether on paper or in an app. Users then enter their hours, performance, materials/machines and vehicles for themselves and/or the entire team. These details are then transferred immediately to the back office via the Internet. Untraceable forms are a thing of the past.

Our web-based solution is managed through a professional computing centre. Personal access is safeguarded and guaranteed via individual login data and an encoded connection. In addition, your data will be protected by regular backups.

The digital pen with integrated sensor and memory recognises your handwriting. What you write is transmitted to your mobile via Bluetooth and then stored via Internet (or using the docking station on the PC) in the customer account provided on the sertal server.

Each form is designed with a unique grid and is thus one of a kind. This enables the digital pen to precisely identify the form used (e.g. the hourly rate of the company) and the predefined fields. This technology enables you to digitise your handwritten data smoothly and successfully.

Each machine and each tool is equipped with a QR code (2D) or RFID tag. In the next step, the articles are entered in the database via the code or tag. You now always know where your material is located. The data is transferred automatically to the back office.